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frustrated   Leave a comment

trying to get there from here, and from here to there seems to be a problem for me.
As I wrote on that blog I am not computer savvy and I can’t figure out how to get the songs on this blog.
So I will try once again to type in that site and see if it works.

hopefully this will take you to what I wrote today and you can click on my other posts to get to my songs.


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frozen toes and other stuff   Leave a comment

I just came in from outside where I put down ice melt and sand to hopefully keep anyone from falling down out there.
My toes and face are frozen.

It is or was 9 degrees outside when I came to work at five thirty.


now that I am back to work I am playing catch up with things that didn’t get done in my absence.

amazing what people don’t do.

I do have to say having been home the last two days that I would like to never work again.
it was quite enjoyable after the worst part of being sick left me.
especially yesterday, it was nice to just relax and do what I wanted.
no demands, just relaxation.

the good life.
In two weeks and three days my husband and I will be heading to Florida.

in three weeks I will be there waking up to the sun coming up over the ocean.
According to the internet it is in the low seventies there and will be seventy or sixty-eight or so when we are there.
I will take that.

well I suppose since I am at work I should do something work related around here.
Sure wish I could get rid of my headache.

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