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to do it all over again   Leave a comment

if I had it to do, all over again, I do it all over quite differently

there is no doubt in my pea brain that I have made enormous mistakes and if I could go back and do it over and do it better, do it right, I certainly would.
But only if I could know then what I know now.

I wonder how many people look back and think, oh if only I could do that over…….

or are most people of the mind-set that they wouldn’t go back and change anything if they could.

I wonder.

I do know, there are so many things I would change.
So many

unfortunately I can’t so I just have to learn from them and move on…….

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flu   Leave a comment

I feel like I’m getting the flu and I have to say I don’t like it.
Feel like I could puke at any moment and just feel over all off.

feel like my head is twice the size it should be.

feel like my stomach could explode at any moment and I get waves of feeling like I could vomit.
Hate this crap!
Literally hate being sick.

my head hurts as well and I do have a stuffed up nose, but the worst is the stomach ache and feeling like I could puke.

damn, I was hoping I wouldn’t get this crap this year……..

Posted December 5, 2011 by Marge in ramblings