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I haven’t talked via email from my sister Kathy, since yesterday

She is the one on the right.
She is twenty-twoย months younger than I am, and Wanda (the one in the middle) is twenty-two months younger than Kathy is

This was taken on top of Pike’s Peak in Colorado

quite a beautiful place.
I can only imagine that there is a lot of snow up there now.
it was snowing for us in September when we were there.

BUT back to the point of this blog

I hate when I go hours without hearing from Kathy
She lives alone andย  I worry that she has had a stroke or heart attack or something like that when I go so long without hearing from her.

after losing my sister Linda I worry about Kathy and Wanda more.
they are my best friends as well as my sisters and I don’t ever want to have to live life without either one of them in it.

So Kathy if you are reading this and you haven’t emailed me in a while, WRITE ME!!!


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my handsome little grand son spent a few hours with me last night.

he is learning more and more words and it is so much fun to spend time with him.

he would say “What’s that?”
or “There it goes”
Or “more”

or “F—” (Unfortunately)

he says “Kitty, dog, Nana, drink (when he wants to) Papa and monkey”
he also goes “1 2 3 4 5!”

I love him immensely

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it is strange, I type in my passwords to my computer and ask the computer to save them, and three times in the last 24 hours I have been asked to type in my password.
Strange and odd.
isn’t that what their memory is for?
To remember my password when I ask so I don’t have to?
It’s December 1st, 24 days until the big Christmas day

24 days until I have my little holiday gathering with my children and grandchildren to pass out presents

24 days until my husband and I make the trek to Florida one final time this year.

29 days until my son and his wife can close on their house and move in the winter cold to their new home.

30 days until we are at New Year’s Eve and waiting for another year to spring open.

Ahh December…….


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