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more than all the stars in the sky   Leave a comment

I have a little saying I say with my grand daughters (I am quite sure I have mentioned it before)
I whisper to them “Do you know how much I love you?”
And then I will say “I love you this much!” and open my arms way up high.
And when they get that part down, opening their arms and saying “I love you this much”  then I add “I love you more than all the stars in the sky”
and eventually they get that as well.
Keira has it down but Kayla still says “I love you all the way to the stars”

but I will keep working on it with her, and when Aaron gets old enough I will teach it to him as well.
I so love being Nana.

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self inflicting   Leave a comment

it is all self inflicting

no beating around the bush

I force myself to bleed,

no one does anything let alone push

I’m lost with in the corners of my mind

no one can see me or even try to find

the reason why I do what I do

and tell myself it isn’t me but you

when in all honesty it is me

I am self inflicting can’t you see?

there are no answers

no rights or wrongs

I am what I am, and I try to be strong

it is useless and pointless and I wonder why I bother?

it is self inflicting, and all I do is smother

the reasons, the explanations…..the cause of what makes up me

Yes I’m self inflicting and I do want to run away, can’t you see?

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run with me   Leave a comment

I have a strong desire to run away.
not sure why
oh I know why, because I hate my job and feel like I’m stuck here

but I long for the mountains and to just live a life that is simple and carefree.
I should have been born an eagle I know.

wouldn’t it be awesome to stand here and be the person who took this picture?
it is incredibly beautiful.


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not feeling the best   Leave a comment

I have been fighting a cold for nearly a week.
I actually thought I was over it and woke up this morning with a sore throat again.

how depressing.

I am at work and feel half way decent until I try to talk to someone, then the throat feels like someone is stabbing it with little needles.

no fun at all.

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