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I often wish I had my camera wrapped around my neck to capture the beautiful pictures of things I see.
Today I saw some wonderful bushes all golden and brown and it was such a cool contrast against the dark brown fence that I longed for my camera

AND then coming home there were dark clouds in the sky, and a lighter sky closer to me, a windmill in the middle of a field and dry grass and weeds the color of dark yellow wheat.
It was a beautiful picture and I wished I had my camera again to capture it.

This picture above is one I got off of my sister’s blogs and the previous pictures are just really pretty pictures I got off of the internet.
I love looking at beautiful things and pictures.


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paradise   Leave a comment


aren’t these beautiful?
True paradise

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soothing and nice to look at, too bad I can’t be there to see this in person.

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New house   Leave a comment

my son and his wife, are going to be able to get this house after all.

they are so excited and happy and I am excited and happy for them.
It is five bedrooms and really big and nice, with a big back yard and a three car garage with a really nice addition in back for Tonyia’s work shop

it is really great that they can finally get it.
I am very happy for them.

Of course they aren’t closing until December 30th so unfortunately they can’t move in until after that and it will no doubt be very cold then, but I am quite sure they won’t mind the cold.

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28 days from now   Leave a comment

28 days from now my husband and I will be in Florida for the second time this year.
We went in April when these pictures were taken.
I love Florida, don’t get me wrong, but I would have preferred to go to Arizona.
My husband though thinks it would be too cold there in December so we are going back to Florida instead.
he said we can go to Arizona in May.
Which he said that last year too and then decided he didn’t want to go.
So if he does that again in May I will just go by myself.

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it’s coming……..   Leave a comment

in my little town of 3,200 there are Christmas decorations all up outside glowing prettily

I confess we have ours up as well.
I don’t have the tree up and am not sure if I will put it up this year or not.
We are leaving the state on Christmas morning and it seems like a lot of work to put it up for three weeks.
Still thinking about that one.
I’m sure the grandchildren would enjoy it, so maybe I will……..

something to think about……..

Still have to get for the adults in my family

my three younger children and their spouses and significant other.
Paula won’t want anything from me, so she won’t get anything.

I wouldn’t quite say I am ready for spring, but it hasn’t even snowed yet and I am ready for warmer temperatures.

I love winter, but I hate the thought of shoveling snow………


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what do I do with me?   Leave a comment

I had a thought on the way into work this morning.
And that thought was, IF I could change just one thing about myself, what would it be?
would it be losing weight?
getting into a different line of work?
being prettier?
what exactly would I change?
and aside from having more money, (who doesn’t want that?)

I have to think long and hard on that one.
yes I would like to be thinner and prettier, but that comes with work and motivation.

not an impossible dream, just a hard one to achieve until I get into a routine to make it happen.

changing jobs appeals to me greatly.
but I am not sure that will happen, due to my husband retiring here in 8 months and we won’t have insurance and will need my good income here to supplement that.

getting published is and always will be my dream job.
I am going to be taking some writing courses here soon, just to add to that ability, but I am not kidding myself here.
I doubt I will ever be published

so as I work today I am going to be thinking, ‘what would I do with me?’ if I could change but one thing in my life…………

something to contemplate.

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