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I have had an eventful few days off.
I went to share lunch with Keira yesterday in her kindergarten class.
I pushed her on the swing at recess and then when she went in to finish up her day I went to get her sister Kayla and spend a few hours with her.

Their parents came home and I was back home by three.

Today was Thanksgiving and I had about nineteen people in my home.
Only fed sixteen of them but it was still a full house.
Everyone said the food was good but because of my sore throat I couldn’t taste a thing.
It all was just quite bland.

Tomorrow I start a fasting diet to cleanse my body.
My daughter in law has started it and lost seven pounds in the first week.
I definitely need to lose weight and I WILL!!!

It was great visiting with my siblings and their children.

Tonight I watched the movie “Black Swan” and I have to say I wish I hadn’t watched it.
Talk about disturbing.
The whole thing really bothered me.
watching this pretty young woman slowly lose her mind.

just too disturbing.

I’m thinking of getting a perm.
Sick of my hair.

Just totally sick of it.

But maybe I can do that in a few months after I lose some weight.

Have three days off and the only real plans I have is watching Keira and Kayla Saturday night and part of Sunday.

Should try to write some and maybe get a book or two finished.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.




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