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6 weeks already   Leave a comment

it has been six weeks already since you left this earth.

it feels like a lot longer and yet in some ways it feels like it was just yesterday when I had to watch you leave all of us.
Some days I can think of you fondly and some days I hurt immensely.

I have your picture next to me at home where I sit each evening and sometimes looking at it brings tears to my eyes.

My youngest son said losing you should make me realize to not take for granted those that I still have here on earth.
And it does do that.
but it also makes me realize how precious life is and how badly I wish I could get those years back with you that I lost.

I also wish I could have a relationship with my eldest child, who is estranged from me.
Maybe one day she will miss me enough to want me in her life again.
one can only hope.

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how true   Leave a comment

this makes perfect sense to me.
and it is oh so true.

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too busy to be at work   Leave a comment

I have tons of things to do.
Okay saying tons, is a bit of an exaggeration but I do have a lot to do.
I have to get the house cleaned, it needs it desperately

I have to make the dough for the crescent rolls

I have to go to Keira’s school tomorrow to spend the day with her ( I don’t have to do this but I want to)

I have a huge meal to prepare for Thanksgiving day.
I have a house to ready for Christmas on Friday

The most daunting task is cleaning my dirty house.
that will take the most time.
But alas, it needs done so I must do it.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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