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Demi and Ashton news, my 2 cents worth   Leave a comment

is it really news that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are divorcing?
I mean is anyone really surprised?
how can you make a marriage work based on sex and fifteen year age difference?
Sounds like the media is putting all the blame on Ashton which I think is silly because it takes two to make or break a marriage.
Maybe Ms Moore is a real bitch to live with?
I mean Bruce Willis couldn’t stay married to her!
I am not dissing Demi Moore, but I think Ashton is getting the raw end of the deal.
I’m for team Kutcher and not because he was born and raised in Iowa where I was born and raised.
But more because he is young and is more inexperienced than she is.
I honestly believe Demi will bounce back.
I am betting next year at this time she will be married again.

or if not, heading that way.

And I read some where that people think Ashton is a real dweab on “Two and a Half Men”
Hey people, he is an actor playing a part that the writers of the show write for him.
He is only acting!!!!!

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