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dark and dreary mind   Leave a comment

in the dark dreary subconscious of my mind

I search, I look, I see and I find

answers not always questions, wondering around in my brain

wondering and thinking life will never be the same

I love you, I hate you

it is so simple and true

I wish I never met you but then why do I miss you like I do?

in the glory of the heavens, I will do what I must

forget and forgive and learn again to trust

in the dark corners of my mind, there isn’t just one of me but two

fighting the battle to win, and neither one coming through

I hate me, I love me   and I will forever be in doubt

who will win, who will lose…….who will scream and shout

I hate you, I love me and the better one will win

I miss you and love you, but I know this is the end

 forever you will stay and live in my heart

but this is for me, and I know we must part

the hands of time are sometimes very cruel

and all the wishing in the world will never make it come true

you are there and I am here and that is the way it will always be

It’s not about you really, it is all about me

The woman in the mirror has to be able to face the day

live with life’s choices and some how find a way

together forever we will never part

for I love you dearly and you will forever live in my heart

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better today   Leave a comment

while it is Tuesday now I do have to say I am better today than I was yesterday with the Monday blahs.
I mean I still would rather be almost anywhere but where I am, here at work, but I have to remember to be grateful for the fact that I have a job

I have to be grateful for a lot of things in my life.

yes I forget every now and then but I do have a good life.

many blessings and no real reason to complain

I mean it could be freezing cold outside, or snowing.
or icy and incredibly bad driving conditions.
it could be hotter than hell with bugs

or I could be in a hospital saying goodbye to a loved one

OR stuck in traffic going between three and five miles per hour for two hours!
things could always be worse.
I MUST remember that.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Posted November 15, 2011 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings