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it’s funny and yet it is quite sad   2 comments

I was reading my other blog.
the one I can’t get into anymore because I don’t know the password.

In this blog three years ago I wrote that I needed to find a new job, be healthier and get out of dept by the time I was fifty

Well here I am fifty years old and I am still in this same job, (I feel quite stuck here since I am not qualified to do anything else) and I haven’t gotten thinner and my dept is better but not gone.

I would say it is funny only it isn’t.
I hate being stuck in this job.
The snow flying today just reminds me that soon, very soon I will be shoveling snow out there and hurting my back daily at that chore.

In a week, I will be here ten years.
Way too long.

Something must change.
just not sure how to go about that anymore……..

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I miss you   Leave a comment

I miss your smile, and your face

I miss your hugs and your warm embrace

I miss our talks, even when we talked of nothing at all

I miss your company

 I just miss you most of all

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more than a drop of rain   Leave a comment

earlier I wrote it was snowing, well now it is back to rain again.

and all it wants to do is rain.

we had rain off and on yesterday and all night long (I heard it on my window in my bedroom) and now it looks as though it is going to be a never-ending rain.


guess it is better than snow, but I do miss the sun.

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snowing   Leave a comment

it is snowing out

no it hasn’t stuck to the ground, it actually melts as soon as it hits the ground, but I have to admit I am not ready for snow.
I love the fall and I love how the rain makes the leaves fall off the trees and I do love the cooler temperatures.
But I am not ready for snow.

I love winter too, but just not yet.

I’m quite positive it won’t be long and I will be displaying this picture over and over

I don’t want six months of winter.
So Mother Nature listen to my pleas, okay?

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