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checking in, checking out and wanting a change   Leave a comment

people piss me off.

no other way to describe it.

totally piss me off to the point where I just want to move away so I don’t have to deal with them any more.

Rather like my eldest child who keeps herself distant from everyone she says she loves.

maybe I just need to keep my head low, and not make any waves.

that seems to make people happy, if I just do what I am supposed to do and not want or need anything in return.

yeah right, I may as well be dead if I have to start living like that.

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Kayla   Leave a comment

Kayla is three today.
Love that little pumpkin so much

Her father, my son Matt text me this morning saying he kissed her this morning and said “Love you birthday girl” before he left for work and she said in her sleep  “Nana, stop it!”
Meaning me, because I am the only one she calls just Nana.

She is feisty and hard-headed but she can be so sweet and wonderful too

Love you baby girl
Happy Birthday!

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