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In God’s words   Leave a comment

a new life, a new day, this picture makes me think there is hope for everything and everyone out there.
It just looks to me like God is shining down on this earth

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my baby boy   Leave a comment

my darling little man has Croup.
I feel so badly for him.
he is sick and cranky and not feeling the best.
but he is on medicine so hopefully he will get better quickly.
Hate when my grandchildren are sick.

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Birthday girl   Leave a comment

today Mirielle turned 9.   we spent the afternoon with her and her grandparents house in the country.

she got a lot of nice gifts and seemed to enjoy the day.

She is spoiled beyond words and not always the most considerate child out there.
but she is extremely smart and incredibly talented as she draws her pictures.

She is sweet and kind as well.
And I am happy she is my grand daughter.

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good bye long days of summer   Leave a comment

as each day passes more leaves fall from the trees and the temperatures are slowly declining and getting ready for that wonderful season of Fall.

I love Fall, love the leaves and all of their beautiful colors, and I love the thought of holidays coming upon us.

With the time change, turning the clocks back, it is darker earlier and that in itself is a sure sign that winter is on the way.

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the flame of life   Leave a comment

weather you are burning both ends of the candle, or working hard to achieve all of your goals.
weather you are healthy and strong, or feeling like your life is ebbing out of you as you read this.
weather you use the flame to keep you warm, or to keep your love life burning.

we all need the heat of the flame

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positive thoughts   Leave a comment

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too busy   Leave a comment

busy weekend again this weekend.
Not too thrilled with that because it makes the time go by so quickly

I spent five and a half hours visiting my youngest sister after driving ninety minutes to meet her.
It was a great time and the time flew by quickly

I missed my Kayla’s birthday party but I get to see her today so that will be great.
Haven’t seen her and Keira for a week now and I HATE that.

Aaron is sick and Emily wants me to go with her to take him to the emergency care unit in Iowa City

He is quite croupy and has a really bad cough.
Feel sorry for the little guy.
I haven’t seen him since last Tuesday so it will be nice to see him as well.

Mirielle is 9 today.
Kayla will be 3 on Tuesday

we are going to a birthday party for Mirielle at one.

it is a four day week for me this week, since I took veterans day off.
Makes me happy to have a three day weekend coming up.


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