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I am quite frustrated that no one writes on their blogs any more.
Even my sister had gone days without writing.

Just annoys me to no end.
What is up with that?
No one and I do mean, no one, none of the people I use to read daily, writes a blog any more.

Makes me insane…….


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those who have gone ahead   Leave a comment

while they are in Heaven looking down on us, I still miss them all so much
Mom, Linda, Grandma Hestness, Sandy, Evelyn, Abe and Dorothy

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these words are oh so true.  You can’t change the past so there is no point in dwelling on it.
Just look to the future to make things better.

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Thrilled that it is Friday   Leave a comment

I do so love my Friday’s.
The best day of the week, as far as I am concerned.
No my favorite day isn’t Saturday, because when it is Saturday I only have one more day till I have to go to work again.
I love Friday’s because I have two days off from work!
And I have Friday evening and then two more days.
If it is Saturday then I am already on the down hill slide to Monday again.
does that make sense?

I haven’t seen Keira and Kayla since last Sunday and I miss them horribly.
I hope to see them if only for a few hours this weekend.

Off to visit my youngest sister tomorrow for a few hours.
that is the most excitement of my weekend.
Then if I get back in time I will go to my youngest sons house to see the girls and then Sunday I have a birthday party for Mirielle I need to go to.

And before I know it, Monday morning will be here again.
Weekends are never long enough.

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