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sometimes I sit here and think, ‘where did all my dreams go?’

sometimes I think, I am fifty years old and haven’t done much with my life

sometimes I think, how much longer do I have on this earth, and will I feel full filled when I get to the end of it?

I have four wonderful children, and four incredibly wonderful grandchildren.
I have two daughter in-laws, and two significant others for my two girls who aren’t married.
(Unless Paula got married and I haven’t heard about it, which is ALWAYS a possibility)

I have a man who loves me and a beautiful home.

But I still find my dreams are lacking.
I sometimes feel like I have settled.

like I am not living life on my terms.
but on what others expect of me.

I would love to travel more.
My brother’s first wife has been traveling the United States all by herself.
I envy her that.
Not that I want to travel alone  (although sometimes it does sound appealing) I would like to travel more.
Maybe when my husband retires we can…….

I do love my home, but it isn’t needed.
I would gladly live out of an RV and make my home so much simpler.

If only I could talk Rick into thinking that way.
but he needs a home, a place to make him feel like all his hard years of working is for something.
Something visual like a home.

I personally don’t need it.
I could live in a cheap trailer and get buy as long as I could travel and see my kids and grandkids.
Like that RV I was just talking about.
I would love to just have one of those and travel the country.
So many places to see, and not enough time to see them all.

It is a good thing dreaming is free, because I would be racking up a huge bill, if it wasn’t.

Posted November 2, 2011 by Marge in heartfelt, my loves

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