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Dream a little dream   Leave a comment

sometimes I sit here and think, ‘where did all my dreams go?’

sometimes I think, I am fifty years old and haven’t done much with my life

sometimes I think, how much longer do I have on this earth, and will I feel full filled when I get to the end of it?

I have four wonderful children, and four incredibly wonderful grandchildren.
I have two daughter in-laws, and two significant others for my two girls who aren’t married.
(Unless Paula got married and I haven’t heard about it, which is ALWAYS a possibility)

I have a man who loves me and a beautiful home.

But I still find my dreams are lacking.
I sometimes feel like I have settled.

like I am not living life on my terms.
but on what others expect of me.

I would love to travel more.
My brother’s first wife has been traveling the United States all by herself.
I envy her that.
Not that I want to travel alone  (although sometimes it does sound appealing) I would like to travel more.
Maybe when my husband retires we can…….

I do love my home, but it isn’t needed.
I would gladly live out of an RV and make my home so much simpler.

If only I could talk Rick into thinking that way.
but he needs a home, a place to make him feel like all his hard years of working is for something.
Something visual like a home.

I personally don’t need it.
I could live in a cheap trailer and get buy as long as I could travel and see my kids and grandkids.
Like that RV I was just talking about.
I would love to just have one of those and travel the country.
So many places to see, and not enough time to see them all.

It is a good thing dreaming is free, because I would be racking up a huge bill, if it wasn’t.

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love to read   Leave a comment

I just finished another book by  Charles Martin, titled “When Crickets Cry”
Another well done book by a good author.
Maybe it is my mood, but some of his books touch me deeply, like the one I mentioned above and “The Mountain Between Us”

some of his books are rather dry though.
And I realize not every author can hit it right, every time, he is a good author and I highly recommend him.

Love love love to read!
Especially when they are such a good book I have a hard time putting it down.

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we’ve been spoiled   Leave a comment

 yes we have been spoiled.

and while they aren’t saying we are going to get any accumulation over night, they are saying it could be a wintry mix.
So not ready for that.
I realize we are sitting on November 2nd and it could come any day, but I would prefer we hold off on winter for at least another six weeks.
Mother nature can you take care of that please?

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Dancing with the stars BOOOOO!!!!!   Leave a comment

I’m with the crowd of dancing with the stars last night, when David Arquette was voted off.
The crowd BOOed his leaving.

He is so much better than Nancy Grace, who should have gone home.
But I didn’t vote.
I should have and I wish I would have now, since David went home.
I think of all the dancers, he has the most character and potential.
I am quite sad to see him go.
He seems like a neat fun guy.
And I wish he could have stayed a lot longer.
The show has lost some of its pazazze now that he is gone.

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