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every time I think of seagulls, doing things like this, taking food out of one’s mouth, I can’t help but think of the movie “The Birds”
It is eery how greedy they are and how determined they are to get the food.
one time I was in Florida and taking a frito chip to my mouth and a seagull literally swooped down and took it out of my hand.
Scary stuff.
but pretty to watch flying around.


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it is November 1st, although we won’t be able to tell that with the nice weather we are supposed to be having.
Seventy today.
Which will be nice, but strange for this time of year.

and then of course tomorrow will be quite cold.

the high only getting to 48 and then temperatures falling all day, with a cold windy rain


I am thrilled Halloween is over with.
I so hate that holiday.
A total waste of a day, and all the money spent on it, just seems totally insane to me.
but I do know I am in the minority feeling that way.
I would be thrilled beyond words if I never had to see another Halloween.

of course I feel that way about Valentine’s day too.
IF you can’t tell someone you love them, except this certain day that the calendar says to, there is seriously something wrong with you.

another wasted day, where people spend ungodly amounts of money.

Just seems silly.

 I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps today but I am sure it has to do with that I have cut sugar out of my diet once again, more than anything else.



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