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hanging on to guilt   Leave a comment

I laugh and smile and then feel guilty for doing so
My sister Linda pops in my head as she is laying there dying last week and then I think, why am I laughing and smiling?
What is wrong with me to find joy when my sister has just died?

I realize everyone needs a release, everyone needs to keep on living.

and yet I feel guilty

Sometimes I don’t know my own mind anymore…………

  I feel frustrated and lost and inadequate and just don’t know anymore………..

what is it all about?
what is the freaking point?
I’m clueless………..

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flying/running away   Leave a comment

I find myself wanting to fly away

to escape

to leave all that I have behind and find the real me somewhere else.

I go through these spurts and maybe it is a bit of depression sinking in, but I do often wonder what triggers these urges I have to run

I know I have a good life, I know I am blessed in so many ways
I have people who love me, who count on me and who need me, so why do I sometimes want to just runaway and escape from it all?

there are times when I just want to get in my car and drive.
Leave it all behind and discover who I am and what I am made of, without any outside influences.
and then I just feel guilty for feeling that way

sometimes I want to get in an airplane and fly some where alone and just exist for a while and dig deep within me to find what is missing and making me feel at a loss

maybe it is the devil at work?
maybe it is just that I am mentally unbalanced and it rears its ugly head at times?
maybe I am just feeling lost?

my sister dying has made me realize that life is a precious thing that I take for granted.

I only have this one life, is this how I want to live it?

I don’t have any answers.

For my grandchildren and my daughter Emily, I know I am needed and should stay

so why do I want to run or fly away?

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kiss me   Leave a comment

kiss me and tell me that you love me

hold me and vow to always be here

make me believe you mean forever

and darling I swear I will always care

love me like there is no tomorrow

hug me like you never want to let go

kiss me and make me believe in forever

because I so badly want to believe we will never

let go of each other again

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