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  my sister wrote earlier today how she just wants to run away.
I wish I could afford to send her some place so she could relax and get back some peace of mind.
This is a picture of the Great Smokey Mountains (above)

  This is Mount Saint Helen’s in Washington

  or just send her back to Colorado
I love going on vacations.
I’m not ready to go yet but I sure would love to send her some place just so she can get a breather.

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   I wrote a little post about Tom Hanks and it is the most visited blog on my site
Every day people click on it
It is a great picture of Tom and I talk about how good of an actor he is

but the funny thing is, I put him up on the blog cuz I thought the picture was an extremely good one of him.

he is a great actor and while he isn’t my favorite, (that goes to Leo)  he is my second favorite male actor.

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my son is almost positive that he is going to be able to buy a house.
I am so happy for him and his wife and daughter.
They deserve to have a nice place

My other son had bought a house a little over a year ago, so he is all settled.

My youngest daughter will hopefully be able to have her own home as well next year

And my eldest daughter bought a house last year as well.
Although I haven’t seen it.

I love when things work so well for my children.
I am truly a blessed woman.

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if you could know how much time you had left on this earth, would you want to know?

I think I would
Because if I had less than a year to live, or less than a month, I sure wouldn’t waste it working.
I wouldn’t be filling up the majority of my days here at work and not home with those I love.

I wouldn’t waste my time with meaningless TV shows and movies that are just using up precious time and  taking me closer to death’s door.

it goes back to “get busy living or get busy dying”

and while I realize none of us know what time we have left, I can’t help but think I’m wasting it, being at work.

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