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the hole in my heart   1 comment

  a week ago I was getting dressed in scrubs and gloves to go and say goodbye to my sister Linda
I hated doing it.
I hated having to see her cry and know that she knew she was dying.
I hate the thought of her not being there.
I hate how our lives have changed and not for the better

I realize that everyone loses someone they love

I do understand that but there does feel like I have a whole in my heart where Linda should be

I try not to think about her and saying goodbye and I can actually pull it off and then suddenly she is there in my mind and thoughts and I can’t escape it.
I love her and I miss her
And wish I could turn back the clock of time and get to spend quality time with her

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loving you   Leave a comment

  loving you, is so wonderful for me

loving you makes me as happy as I can be

loving you makes me feel like I’ve come home

loving you makes it hard for me to roam

I hate walking away when I am near you
I hate driving away so that I can’t see you

I miss you when I am not with you and I love being in the air you breathe
I just love you and love being with you

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something to smile about   Leave a comment

     I thought this was just too funny not to share.
In my case now it is grandchildren, but I remember feeling like I was just dragging when we had children that were little.

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I wish they wouldn’t   1 comment

I am back to work and thinking of last week and driving down to Springfield Missouri to say goodbye to my sister.
People keep offering me their heartfelt sympathies and I really wish they wouldn’t.
It just brings it all to the surface again.
I would like to forget for a while.
And not think about losing Linda and just trying to get back to normal.
I know they all mean well.
I do understand that.
But I wish they wouldn’t talk to me about it.
It just hurts too much yet.

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