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hold me in your arms like you still love me

kiss me and let me know how much you care

tell me that, with me, you will stay forever

and promise me that you will always be there.
hold me and never let me go

Tell me you love me and mean it, show me in a million little ways

it is the little things in life that mean the most

so grace me with the gift of your company and hold me close

 for I love you so

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waiting on you   Leave a comment

  do you miss me?

 like I miss you

do you hate the estrangement between us?

do you wish you could erase the past and erase the words that hurt?

do you feel like a piece of yourself is missing?

 like I feel a piece of me is missing without you

do you long to reach out to me?
like I wish I could reach out to you.

I’m still here, waiting for you to bridge the distance between us
 will you one day make the effort and let me know that you still love me and want me in your life?

or will I be waiting forever on you…..

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something a little like paradise   Leave a comment

 open your eyes,

look at what you see

the beauty is all around us

  Mother Nature’s kiss

to dazzle and delight

all we need to do is see the colors so bright

 the calm before the bitter cold,

the beauty before the cold and icy days of winter

look around,embrace the wonderfulness of what we have

God has given us another exceptional day

so rejoice, be happy and don’t forget to pray and give thanks for all you have

your health, your family, your children, grandchildren and for your job and life.

We are blessed to live in the good old USA!


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hanging out   Leave a comment

  here I am at work, finally on the computer again and wishing I could get in my car and just drive.
it is a beautiful day in Iowa today.
but I long for vacation time again.
Honestly I just long for a different job than the one I have.
And while I know I shouldn’t complain because there are so many thousands who do not have a job…..I am sick of this one.
I know, dear reader same old song different day.

still it is a good thing dreaming is free………


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