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sitting here resting my bones   Leave a comment

It is two pm and I have another hour yet of this work day.
It is dragging.
I have two bathrooms left to clean which will take me all of fifteen minutes or less, since I cleaned them both this morning.

It is cold out.
It is rainy and windy and cold.
Really feel autumn in the air today.

They say later in the week it is supposed to get to 75

I wonder if they will be right.

on another annoying note I have had the hiccups four times since yesterday afternoon.
Rather sick of it.
hate having the hiccups.

Well now that the hallway is quiet and the kids are all back in their classrooms, I will go tackle these two bathrooms here by my office.

Hi Ho Hi Ho……….it’s off to work I go…..



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Christmas shopping half done   Leave a comment

Yes it is true, it isn’t even October 1st and I have half my Christmas shopping done.
All the grand children are done.
Now I just have to get for my kids and their spouses/significant others.
Rick and I aren’t going to buy for each other but we are going to get a new couch and that will be our Christmas present to each other.
We are in need of a new couch.
This one is almost twenty years old and it is just old and uncomfortable now.

So while I am not ready for snow, or cold freezing weather, I am looking forward to the holidays.

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