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I want to be almost anywhere but where I am at this moment.
I know I am lucky to have a job.
I do know that.
And the pay is good and I don’t work all that hard that I should be complaining.

but I do so hate this job.
hate the down time, hate the cleaning up after kids and just simply hate the whole entire thing.
I need to do something different.

And while I know I say this month after month, year after year, I know only I can change the circumstances.
Only me.

So I need to get off of my butt and get moving.
I am not getting any younger.
If I don’t change the situation it will never change.
I will be here a year from now, or ten  years from now still whining about hating my job.

So get up off your behind Marge and get moving!

Enough said!


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not caring for all these changes   Leave a comment

my face book page has changed, but that is no surprise since we were told it was coming. Sounds like a lot more changes will be made to face book before it is all said and done. And I ask you, why change a working thing? To make it better I assume? I think we should get the choice if we want it better or not.
I liked it as it was.
Now as I am writing this blog, it too has changed. I get this tiny little screen to blog on. Doesn’t make sense to me. If it aint broke, why fix it?
But no one asks me.
Thrilled to death that it is Friday.
I so love my weekends.

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