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Learning from daddy   Leave a comment

this picture brings tears to my eyes.
it shows how much Aaron is enchanted with his father.
I titled it “Learning from daddy”

I love it so much.
My little man is incredibly wonderful.


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2 weeks ago today   Leave a comment

2 weeks ago today my sister and I were just beginning our trip to The Great Sand Dunes National Park.
It was a long drive
But I thought completely worth it.
   I can not believe it has only been two weeks.
Seems like two months ago now.
I loved vacation.
Love going west.
Hopefully Rick and I can go west next summer after he retires.

         so many beautiful places to see…..
Wouldn’t it be awesome to just travel and never have to worry about money?

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Love is………   Leave a comment

To know know know him, is to love love love him.

just to see him smile, makes my life worthwhile, yes just to know him, is to love love love him

and I do, yes I do and I do…..

of course the same can be said for the three girls as well.

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arthritis, chemicals and the whole ball of wax   Leave a comment

I have been having shooting pains in my right hand, my entire thumb just aches, and I am quite certain it is old arthritis coming to play havoc on my old body once again.

I did realize what was causing me to have such severe headaches.
The chemicals I use to clean the bathrooms.
I went all day yesterday without having a headache and the very second I sprayed the chemical I use on the toilets, instantly the headache came pounding back.
So now I have a face mask I wear that covers my mouth and nose and hopefully that will help
I have goggles too which I may end up using if the headaches come back.

I come to work every day and I think to myself, can I really do this for fourteen more years?
ugh, the thought of it just depresses me.

my eye balls itch.
They have been itching the last few days and I can only assume it is the allergies.

the wind was quite strong yesterday, so….I’m guessing that is the underlying problem to the eyes itching as they do.


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