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watching the news last night, President Obama suggested we tax the millionaires to pay a higher tax for their income and that would bring in billions of dollars for the government.
Some say that is crazy, I say why the hell should they get a tax break to begin with?

I find it rather difficult to hear people bash my president.
Yes he is just a man, who stepped into the shoes of a total ………… and has to clean up after the previous president.
no one thinks of those things though.

no one wants to pat him on the back for trying to do a better job.

nope, they just keep on criticizing him.

unfortunately he probably won’t win the re-election.

do I think he could do a better job.
Yes, but I do think he has to answer to so many people, that it is a strenuous job in itself.
Has anyone noticed how much he has aged, since he took office?

People act like being president is a walk in the park.
Like they could do better.
I would like to see them try………….


Posted September 20, 2011 by Marge in ramblings

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