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the foundation from my dreams   Leave a comment

I had a really strange dream last night.
not one I want to share because it gave me the foundation of an idea for a new story

(I already have about fifty stories going now)

but I have spent the last hour here at work writing the rough draft for this new idea.
Love it  when the story flows so well as it has today

my fingers can’t type fast enough when the story flows so well.

Ahh to be able to write the great american novel and make a living doing that.
It would be a dream come true.


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2 weeks ago   Leave a comment

where does the time go?
Two weeks ago I was in Colorado

Amazing to me that it has been that long already!

I so loved it there, and hope to go back one day

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my gifts from God   Leave a comment

  I tend to sometimes get down and blue.
I often find myself feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with things, mainly my job.
I wonder though why I forget the four incredible little people that make up my grand children?
they are my true gifts from God.
They are all unique and wonderful and so incredibly precious to me.
I fall in love every single day with them.

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look at the shark Nana!   Leave a comment

  I have several pictures of dolphins around my house, and my two-year old grand-daughter said to me the other night  “Look at the shark Nana!  That scares me!”

when in all actuality it was a picture of a dolphin.
I told her “Honey that isn’t a shark, it is a dolphin and dolphins are friendly and there is no need to be afraid of them”
She looks at the picture and looks at me “A dolphin?” she asks

I say “Yep, a dolphin”
And she says “Oh, they are pretty”

have I mentioned lately how wonderful it is to be Nana?

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Fall Cleaning   Leave a comment

last night I worked in the yard for a bit, getting things ready for fall.
All my lilies are gone so therefore I pulled out all the leaves on those.
Some were turning yellow already so it wasn’t like I was hurting anything.
I love to be able to work in the yard without working up a horrendous sweat or having to deal with bugs.
The leaves are changing on so many trees.
I realize it is September 29th, but it seems a bit early to me.



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My President   Leave a comment

watching the news last night, President Obama suggested we tax the millionaires to pay a higher tax for their income and that would bring in billions of dollars for the government.
Some say that is crazy, I say why the hell should they get a tax break to begin with?

I find it rather difficult to hear people bash my president.
Yes he is just a man, who stepped into the shoes of a total ………… and has to clean up after the previous president.
no one thinks of those things though.

no one wants to pat him on the back for trying to do a better job.

nope, they just keep on criticizing him.

unfortunately he probably won’t win the re-election.

do I think he could do a better job.
Yes, but I do think he has to answer to so many people, that it is a strenuous job in itself.
Has anyone noticed how much he has aged, since he took office?

People act like being president is a walk in the park.
Like they could do better.
I would like to see them try………….


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