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walk with me as I grow older   Leave a comment

walk with me as I grow older,

stay with me until my journey ends

hold me like there is no tomorrow

Lord please forgive me for all my sins

I am weak and pathetic and full of regrets

but I want to be better, to get past all of the past mistakes I have made, to unhurt all those I have let down

to be wiser, to deserve forgiveness

so walk with me as I grow older, help me be all that I can be.
hold me close and keep me believing, and knowing that hopefully one day, all the good things will come back to me.

I ask for forgiveness, I ask to be strong, I thank you for all my blessings Lord.


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Monday blahs   Leave a comment

I always have the Monday blahs.
hate Monday’s if you want to know the truth.
And yes I hate them because it is the beginning of the work week again.


figured out I have to work 14 more years before I can retire on my IPERS.


how depressing.
I will be 64 then.
A far cry from my husband’s 55 next year.
Still he deserves it after working the same job since he was 17

38 years is a long time for working at one job and sticking with it.

I still ponder going back to school.
And I am leaning towards that more and more as I think of the next 14 years that I have to work.
I know I don’t want to be doing this job, for that much longer.


Posted September 19, 2011 by Marge in ramblings