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I am in the mood to write, but unfortunately I am at work.
My daughter has strep throat and she is taking her son into the doctor today to make sure he doesn’t have it too.
last time she had it, he got it too and he has been a fussy boy the last few days.
So better safe than sorry, and have him checked.

I started Christmas shopping.
I actually started in July but I bought for Aaron and a small present for Keira and Kayla too yesterday.
Mirielle will be the one that will be hard to buy for.
Her mother gives her everything she wants, so……….I am not sure what to get her.
And she has a birthday in November as well so………….needless to say…..I’m not sure with her.

Aaron I will give money to as well, that his parents put in a bank account for him, as he really doesn’t need much and I want to spend the equal amount of money on each child.

Christmas will be smaller this year simply because no one needs anything and there is no point in spending a lot of money on something so commercialized.

Wish it was Friday.
Looking forward to the weekend.


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