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Don’t “FUSS” with me   Leave a comment

“Don’t fuss with me”

any idea where that line came from?
A movie, in case you are wondering.
Any idea which one?

I am generally an easy going person.
Rarely do I let people see my angry side.
But if you accuse me of lying, stealing or anything else that is a slam to my character, you will definitely see the side of me that gets angry and hateful.

if you criticize my child or husband, you will see the fighting side of me.
if you criticize my grandchild I may just hit you.
(Not really although I will want to)

as I said I am usually quite pleasant and I keep a lot of things in when I get upset or mad.

Still wondering where the line came from?
Which movie?
Mrs. Doubtfire


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Colorado versus Utah   Leave a comment

I love traveling.
Love it so much I wish I could do it all the time.
But alas, I must work to pay my bills…………..


Colorado was beautiful

I could see myself  living here

my sister has a house she is trying to sell in Colorado and I would love to buy it.
Unfortunately it doesn’t interest my husband, so the chances of  us buying it and living there are quite slim

Still it is a beautiful state.


I have yet to find a state that is more beautiful than Utah.
And granted I haven’t been to all fifty of them.
But I love Utah.

   it is all so majestic and wonderful

Colorado is beautiful too, don’t get me wrong.
But my heart belongs to Utah

   maybe that will change one day when I see the rest of the states I haven’t seen.
But as of right now, I still think Utah is the best state ever.

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fall is in the air…………….   Leave a comment

 yep today it feels like the beginning of fall.
I love it.
There are leaves changing on a tree here at my work place.
Seems incredible that it is that time of year again but it is.
Fall is my second favorite season.
First comes Spring, and I think I love that one so much because it gets warmer and the trees start budding and the flowers start blooming after a long cold winter.
Winter is my third favorite season and Summer is my least favorite.
IF it never got warmer than 80 degrees and there were never any bugs, I would like summer more.
But I hate the heat and humidity and I hate bugs.
Hate them both so much that I would rather stay inside then deal with bugs and humidity.

Fall is a beautiful time of the year.
Love it.
Welcome Fall to Iowa.
Nice to see you again.

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