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ahh this day has been an interesting one.
That is for sure.

We started out washing my car, because it was covered with the red dirt that was around Wanda’s house and the gravel road that took us there.
Then we went to I HOP for breakfast.
We were on the road to The Great Sand Dunes by nine and that took us 150 miles south of us.

The sand dunes were nice.
The area is incredibly beautiful like all of Colorado is.

When we left there after hiking over a mile, we decided we did not want to back track to the interstate so we decided to take a different route.
Well needless to say, we went over 250 miles on back roads, roads that could only be driven between twenty and forty miles per hour.
Roads that showed outstanding scenery, also tried my patience time and time again.

We even had cows in the road at one point.

I drove over 400 miles today only to end up exactly in the place where I started this morning.

I’m tired and grateful to be sitting in the hotel bed, seriously thinking I will be asleep with in the hour.
Not sure what we will do tomorrow, but I think we are going to head home on Saturday instead of Sunday

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