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a lot was seen today   Leave a comment

we started out going out to breakfast, Kathy and I.
We met up with our sister Wanda at eight thirty and went to ride the cog railroad, which was an hour twenty minute ride up to the top of Pike’s Peak mountain.
It was incredibly foggy up there but I got a lot of good pictures on the way up.
We were allowed to stay up there and take pictures and visit the gift shop for an hour and I have to say I was light headed and felt nausated the entire time I was up there at 14,000 feet.
It wasn’t good.
Then we came down the mountain which was a bit boring because we had seen it all on the way up.
Still it was enjoyable and we sat with a couple from Iowa!
I will post pictures when I get home.

After the train ride we went to see my sister Wanda’s properties, one in WoodLand Park and the other thirty two miles up from there.
Way out in the boonies and to a house (shack) that sits on one and a half acers.
It definitely needs a lot of work and I’m thinking it might be better to just tear it down and start over.
Anyway I could see myself living there.
But the house needs so much work.

My sister is going to put them both up for sale, unless her husband decides to build on the house or demolish it and build another house.
I personally would like to have it.
Sort of a place to go to four or five times a year.
of course I would like a condo on the beach in Florida too……so chances are, neither one will come to pass.



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