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I LOVE David Hasselhoff – I think he is sooooo sexy!


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this morning we went to the Denver Zoo where I took several pictures before my battery died in my camera.
My sister will have plenty and I will probably steal from hers to add to mine here on the blog when I get home.

Now we are in Colorado Springs in our hotel room, resting before we go out to dinner.
We plan on going to Walgreens as well because we want to buy hair dye and dye our hair.
She suggested red, but I think I am going to go with dark brown.
Just need a change you know?

Tomorrow we are going to meet up with our youngest sister Wanda who is here with her family and we are going to go on a train ride in Pike’s peak and do a few more other attractions on the mountain.

I will feel you in when I write again tomorrow evening.

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