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  although I am not leaving until tomorrow morning, I have a feeling my day will be  quite busy and I won’t have time to write again before I leave.
Tomorrow my sister and I are heading West.
To Colorado
Just found out yesterday that my baby sister and her husband and three boys are going to head there too, so we will meet up with them one evening for dinner.
That will be enjoyable.

The car has been looked over carefully, all the tires are good, the oil is changed and all I have to do is fill up the tank.
I may clean the windshield inside and run a wash rag over the interior as well.
I vacuumed this  last weekend so the floors aren’t bad.
I may wash it as well, but it is supposed to rain plenty today so maybe the rain will wash it good enough.

I am excited about heading out in the morning.
It will be great fun.

If I don’t write while I am gone, I will write when I return with dozens of pictures on the 11th.

Hope every one stays well and happy and I will talk with you soon!

Posted September 3, 2011 by Marge in ramblings, vacations

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