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Mountain lion spotted   Leave a comment

I was just told a mountain lion was spotted by several people over near Horn Elementary school, which is about a mile from my school.
Needless to say we won’t be letting children play outside today.

would hate for that lion to think a child is its next meal.
that would be quite sad.

Odd to me that a mountain lion would come this far south.

seems a bit weird.


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My last goodbye   Leave a comment

If I should leave this world any time soon, I want those I love to know I love them, so this is my last goodbye

To Rick-you are a good man, a stubborn man and an angry man at times.  I want you to be happy so that means find someone to grow old with.

love our children and grandchildren and tell them often how much I love them.
I love you and I thank you for putting up with me and for your love

To Paula – I have no idea what I did or didn’t do to make you want nothing to do with me

it is painful for me to think I lost you but I really do just want your happiness above everything else.  I love you very much and hope you are happy and are content with your life.   That is all I have ever wanted for you, is for you to be happy.  So I hope you are.

To Brian  – My sweetest child.  So loving and so willing to give me your time and your hugs and kisses

I love you, and I hope you have a long and happy life.
You are a hard worker and a good man and I hope you are always true to yourself.

I so regret that you didn’t have a child of your own, but I understand you must do what you think is best for you.

Be well son and always have patience with Mirielle and stay the kind-hearted person you are.
Spend time with your dad and always remember how much I love you.

To Matt  – my precious son. You have given me the greatest joys in the world by giving me your two beautiful daughters.  I didn’t know I could love so much until Keira and Kayla came along.

You have become a wonderful  man and while you are rather stingy with showing me you love me, I hope you are always showing your wife and daughters

You are a hard worker with a good head on your shoulders.
Show your wife the respect she deserves and be forever patient with your girls.   They grow up so fast!  Try to remember what it was like being a child and cut the girls some slack every now and then.
I love you son and I hope you have a good life

To Emily –  My sunshine, my incredibly wonderful daughter.
Losing Paula has made you so much more precious to me

I love you so much

I hope you have as many babies as you want and have a love that is forever lasting and good for you.
Aaron is the sweetest most wonderful little boy in the entire world and that is mainly because you are his mother.
Like the girls, Aaron is love through and through.

I am very proud of you honey.
Try to be less angry and critical of others and be the sweet wonderful woman you are.
I love you angel

To my siblings –  I love you all very much and I regret the times we could have been together but didn’t spend the time together.

Please take care of yourselves and be loving and kind to each other.
WE only have one life, so live it to the fullest!

To Mirielle –  you are a very smart little girl who will grow up to be a very smart young woman.   Dream big and remember to believe in yourself.  You can be anything you want to be!  I love you

To Keira – oh my beautiful girl.  You are the light of my life.

You make me so happy just by being in the same room with you.
You made me realize what falling in love every day is. Since the moment of your birth and every day in between I have fallin in love over and over again just because you exist.

You are a beautiful wonderful little girl who can grow up to be anything!  Just believe in yourself and follow your dreams
I love you so very much Keira

shine brightly and never forget how much you mean to me

To Kayla – my precious beautiful baby girl.   You make me so happy just by spending time with you.
You are incredibly wonderful and I just love looking into those fantastic eyes of yours and stare at your sweet beautiful face

I love you so much Kayla and you and your sister are my dreams come true.
I know you can grow up and be anything you want to be.  Shine proudly special girl and don’t forget how much I love you!

To Aaron –  my incredible handsome wonderful little man.
How I adore you!

I didn’t get enough time with you but don’t ever forget how much I love you!
Be generous with your hugs and kisses to your mother and grow to be a kind and considerate young man.
I love you Aaron, so very much!

  Life is short, so much shorter than a person realizes.
There is nothing as important on this earth as family.
Please be good to each other and remember to say I love you.

Thank you all for being in my life and making it so much better.
See you in Heaven!

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freezing up   Leave a comment

I had written a nice long blog only to have the computer freeze up and I lost it all.
Dang computers anyway.

hate when things like that happen.
Maybe I will re write it here in a bit.
But chances are I won’t.

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