so today online I have been looking at Apple I pads, nooks, and smart phones.
I want a wi-fi of some sort that I can carry with me at all times.
My son said the Apple I pad, is not worth the money.
My sister swears by the nooks, (but I don’t have that kind of money at this moment, due to saving for vacation)  and smart phones look great but I was told I can not upgrade, until my two years is up.
(I just upgraded in March)

so…..I am now looking at a tablet at Wal-Mart that has a ten inch screen and wi-fi and an e-reader

this might be what I will get.
It is less than three hundred.
The Nook would be close to five hundred.

what to do?
Think I will just shop around and see what I can find……..

this is something I want to get before I go on vacation so I have internet access at all times.
And I don’t want to take my laptop

I want something smaller to carry in my purse.
Don’t I sound spoiled?


2 thoughts on “decisons”

  1. Tablets are OK – I checked into them before deciding on the Nook. I have to tell you though – I absolutely LOVE my Nook…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It fits perfectly in my purse and I carry it everywhere I go. It also can be plugged into my cigarette lighter in my car – though I can’t read and drive. LOL.

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