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when I got home yesterday afternoon, my two youngest grand daughters came over and we spent almost two hours in the swimming pool.
it was great and fun and quite relaxing.

(this is our back yard and swimming pool and my son and eldest grand-daughter.)

Anyway….Keira and Kayla went home and then Mirielle came and we spent some time in the pool as well.
Overall I was in there for three and a half hours and while you are in that luke warm pool you have no idea about the temperature outside.

It is relaxing and quite fun just to be silly and playing games with my grand children.
Keira who is five, can now touch the bottom and walk on it, on her tip toes, with the water just above her lips as she walks.
She thinks that is a great thing.
She is more confident now and can go under without holding on to anyone or anything

Kayla her sister, who is two, thinks she should be able to do what her sister does.
But of course she can’t.

The only down side to being in the pool yesterday was that my calves were cramping up by the time I got out of there.
Just too much kicking and swimming I guess.

Posted August 2, 2011 by Marge in family, Kayla, Keira, my loves, ramblings

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