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Mr Leonardo DiCaprio is said to be the highest grossing actor of the last year.
making 77 million last year.

Now finally someone realizes how great of an actor he is.

IF only the movie awards would see the light now!


Posted August 2, 2011 by Marge in ramblings

5 responses to “Leo

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  1. Wow, he looks kind of old in that photo! Great actor though.

  2. No doubt he is a good actor. However, the more I watch his films, the more I think that there is nothing new about him in his acting anymore. Take Shutter Island and Inception. Both very different movies yet I felt like they were the same people. Having said all that, it was quite enjoying watching him and Tom Hanks in Catch Me If You Can!

  3. Kuan, have you seen him in “What’s eating Gilbert Grape”? Or “The Departed”? or “Blood Diamond”? if not you have missed out!

    • Hi Marge, I have only seen The Departed. There’s nothing wrong with Leo in the movie but I was not excited by the movie itself. I watched Infernal Affairs beforehand and it was way better than The Departed. I suppose when I watch the original film and then watch a remake one, I can’t help myself from comparing.

      Pardon my for my picky attitude, hehe… I will check out the other two that you have mentioned!

  4. no need to ask for a pardon.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
    Hope you enjoy the other two I mentioned
    have a great day!

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