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another Monday   Leave a comment

have I ever mentioned my dislike of Monday’s?
I’m sure I have.
The only ones I do like are the ones where I don’t have to be at work.
and that would be Memorial Day and Labor Day, or any other day I happen to be off.

Just dread the thought of four ten-hour days here.
of course this is my last week of them, so I should just grin and bear it right?
I’m off to wash windows outside.
Hope it goes better than I expect it to.

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a fast weekend   Leave a comment

wow, amazing how quickly the weekend went.
Here it is Sunday night at seven pm.
The weekend was busy and eventful and I have no idea where the time went.
Just crazy

But it was a good weekend and I anticipate a good week as well.

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crappy mood   Leave a comment

I can’t even tell you why but I am in a horrific mood.
mostly because I am sick of this heat and sick of the thought of stepping back outside to deal with this heat.
Just puts me in a bad mood.

I do get my girls later today and while that is wonderful I told them I would take them to the fair so that right there puts me in a bad mood due to the heat.

Maybe I just need to hibernate a while.

wake up in a month or so  and then it will be time to go on vacation

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temptation   Leave a comment

I wonder if anyone else out there has to fight temptation as much as I do?
I was so tempted to call in sick today.
it would have been wonderful to just sleep in and have a relaxing day at home.
But here I am at work once again.

I get so tempted by food, that I have a hard time sticking to a diet.
Hate that really because I love to eat but know with one hundred percent certainty that I need to lose weight.

I’m tempted to give into my insecurities and not branch out like I should or need to

does anyone else feel like they are tempted every day?

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should I or shouldn’t I?   Leave a comment

my eldest sister was telling me last weekend that I should seriously go back to school.
I have thought about it off and on for years.
The biggest reason why I don’t jump in with both feet is because I am scared to death I don’t have what it takes to get it done.
I don’t have any confidence in myself basically.
I want to have someone hold my hand and walk me through it and then I can gain my sea legs.
I actually sound like my mother.
I am a chicken, I admit it.
can’t help it.
The thought of doing something completely out of my comfort zone scares me to death.
It would keep me up nights, the stress of it.
The unknowing.
The uncertainty.
I mean what if I fell flat on my face?
who would want to hire a 52 or 53-year-old woman once I graduated from college?
The list is endless on the insecurities in my head.

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odd one   Leave a comment

 when it is summer out and it is hotter than hell like it has been these last few days I think of spring, fall and winter.
And I wonder, am I odd?
I picture the leaves turning

and in the fall I think of summer, spring and winter

 in winter time I think of the other three seasons

  in the muddy rainy season of spring I think of summer, fall and winter.

I wonder, am I just strange or what?

I love spring
It is probably my favorite season followed very closely with fall.
Than it is winter and my least favorite is summer.
Why you may wonder?
Because I HATE bugs and I hate hot weather.
if it never got hotter than 80 degrees and there was always a light breeze, and no bugs.
I would love summer the most.
But it is rarely like that.
I hate the weather we are having now.
hot and humid and hard to breathe or even go outside in this crap.

Give me spring ,fall or winter any day over this crap.

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If wishes were horses……….   Leave a comment

My Grandmother use to say this to me, when I was a child
“If wishes were horses, beggars could ride”

I hated it when she said that.
I always thought it was annoying.

I have to tell you I woke up sore.
I went to bed sore and I woke up sore.
not a good feeling.
My old body is tired of all this cleaning.
really having three days off isn’t good for me, because the very next week I am sore and tired again.

Wish I had about ten thousand lying around so I could help my son buy a house.
Wish I was a good enough writer so that I never had to work again, but spent my time writing great novels.

Wish my eldest child would talk to me.

Wish and hope my sister Linda is doing well and her daughter can get her back up here to Iowa City.

Wish I could see Keira and Kayla

And of all those wishes the only one that will come true is, hopefully getting to see my grand daughters in the next day or two.

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would you do this?   Leave a comment

would you walk out to this ledge?

 would you swim with dolphins?

 would you ride in a boat this close to a killer whale?

 would you stand here?

In the movie Shawshank Redemption there is a quote that says “Get busy living, or get busy dying”
Which are you doing?
Are you the adventurous type, or are you a couch potato who is letting life pass you by while you watch  re-runs of your favorite shows on TV?

  I can see myself in this boat, observing the beauty around me.

  I’d love to be here, watching these killer whales

 or here, taking in the fresh crisp beauty

  I want to be here, in Africa watching the wild life

  I’d love to be this guy, learning to surf

Dreams are only that unless you get up and live them.
I want the adventure
I want the fun
     its time to broaden my horizons.

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Too hot to function   Leave a comment

it is too hot to function.
literally miserable out there.
Hate this kind of weather.
There is no end in sight either.
just dripping with excessive humidity.
like stepping into a sauna

and not in a good way.

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A Picture is worth a thousand words   Leave a comment

My grand daughter Mirielle’s first time on the Tornado at Adventurland.
Her Dad (my son Brian) loved the ride, obviously!

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