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would you do this?   Leave a comment

would you walk out to this ledge?

 would you swim with dolphins?

 would you ride in a boat this close to a killer whale?

 would you stand here?

In the movie Shawshank Redemption there is a quote that says “Get busy living, or get busy dying”
Which are you doing?
Are you the adventurous type, or are you a couch potato who is letting life pass you by while you watch  re-runs of your favorite shows on TV?

  I can see myself in this boat, observing the beauty around me.

  I’d love to be here, watching these killer whales

 or here, taking in the fresh crisp beauty

  I want to be here, in Africa watching the wild life

  I’d love to be this guy, learning to surf

Dreams are only that unless you get up and live them.
I want the adventure
I want the fun
     its time to broaden my horizons.


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Too hot to function   Leave a comment

it is too hot to function.
literally miserable out there.
Hate this kind of weather.
There is no end in sight either.
just dripping with excessive humidity.
like stepping into a sauna

and not in a good way.

Posted July 19, 2011 by Marge in ramblings