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A Picture is worth a thousand words   Leave a comment

My grand daughter Mirielle’s first time on the Tornado at Adventurland.
Her Dad (my son Brian) loved the ride, obviously!

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Let’s play ball   Leave a comment

my handsome little man wants to play baseball.

or maybe not?

love this little guy to pieces!


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hotter than hell   Leave a comment

Oh My God!
it is so hot already.
When I went out to my car this morning it said 79 degrees
At 5 AM!
how insane is that?
now not even three hours later it is still 79 but with the heat indices it feels like 82 and the sun is now  up so you know dang well it is going to be a steam bath out there.
Radio said 97 with heat indices up in the hundreds.
And already I am sweating.
Hate heat and humidity
I hate it with a passion!!!

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Utah   Leave a comment

my sister and I are heading to Utah in seven weeks.
We are driving to Colorado, Denver most likely and then drive through the mountains to Utah.
Can’t wait.
I so love Utah.

Right now it is just the two of us going, but we may ask another sister to join us.


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big deal, so what? who cares?   Leave a comment


it is the only word I can come up with to describe how I feel.
Just ugh.

I didn’t want to get out of bed, I DO NOT want to be here at work and I have no ambition to do a thing.

I know, what makes today different from any other day?
I don’t know.
I’m in a funk I guess.

maybe I just need to get laid (oops, sorry for you delicate readers out there)

maybe I just need to go back to bed and sleep the day away.
that is tempting but not going to happen.


Okay, Monday morning here I come, ready or not………I must begin this work day………


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