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my daughter’s ex boyfriend got married yesterday, and while I wish him nothing but the best if I was honest I am a bit bitter too.
Why you may ask?
A couple of reasons.
He was a punk kid, who probably wasn’t going to graduate from high school.

he had several reasons to miss school several days a week.
My daughter picked him up to take him to school, my daughter stood by him and guided him and got him to care about high school again and because of her he graduated

because he is a smart kid he got a scholarship to go to the University of Iowa and with in two months dumped my daughter when he discovered there was more fish in the sea.

My daughter was devastated.
She lost thirty pounds and could hardly function.
They had talked about getting married and having children.
They dated for over three years.

But Bryan dumped her and yesterday married a girl he met while attending college.

Yes I am bitter.
He wouldn’t have ever gone to college if not for my daughter.
And he never would have married his wife, if not for my daughter picking him up way back in their tenth grade of high school and pushing him to succeed.

But she is long forgotten.
And while I do hope Bryan has a good life.
He is a good kid after all.
I hurt for my daughter who got dumped like yesterday’s trash and forgotten.


Posted July 17, 2011 by Marge in ramblings

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