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Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony split?   Leave a comment

wow when I read that headline I actually had to take a double look
I could have sworn that Jennifer would have done anything in her power to hang on to her man the second time around.
I actually thought the men before him were never going to measure up in her eyes to Mark Anthony.
So when he finally agreed to marry her I thought they would last  forever just because she was so crazy about him.

Just goes to show you what I don’t know.
Probably their egos got in the way.
OR she makes more money than he does and like most men, he couldn’t handle it.
Quite sad for those two babies


but that is show biz, so why am I not surprised?
God forbid anyone put forth the effort to stay together any more.

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my son and Riley   2 comments

my husband and I went to the movie “Super 8” last weekend and this boy, Riley Griffith was in it.
Looking at him both my husband and I thought, wow, he could pass for our son Matt when he was a young boy.
The hair, that chubby cute face.

I was told once that every one has a twin out there, and I think I just found my son’s.
So funny

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