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I have decided all I need is a load of determination to get this weight off of me.
I haven’t had a pop since last Friday and I have cut all sweets out of my diet.
It is tough.
I crave a soda and chocolate but I am sick to death of being fat.

I had a family gathering on the 4th and I have to say all of us need to lose weight.
Looking at my sisters and my niece I thought, we should all go on a diet together and work out some where together.
At least then we will all lose some much-needed weight.

but it just made me more determined to lose those fifty pounds I need to shed.
Ugh, I so hate being fat.
I give myself a year to shed these fifty pounds.
I hope to do it before then, but I MUST get the job done.
I just MUST!!!!

Posted July 11, 2011 by Marge in ramblings