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I read on the internet last night about a man and woman hiking in Yellowstone National Park when they came upon a grizzly bear and her cubs.
Mama bear went into defense mode thinking she needed to protect her cubs and mauled the man to death.
Sad, so very sad.
that poor poor man.
And his wife will have to live with that horror of watching her husband die like that.

but the Mama bear was in her habitat and she was only doing what Mama bears do, and that is protecting her young from potential harm.

My sister and I went to Tennessee a long time ago and we were hiking up in the Smokey Mountains when she saw a baby cub high up in a tree.
We were extremely lucky Mama bear didn’t come running because we probably wouldn’t be here today, had she shown up.

my sister was busy taking pictures of the little fella and the baby cub was whining as only baby cubs can, and I was freaking out, telling my sister, “He is calling for his Mama, we need to go and go NOW!”
but my sister, the ever lasting adventurous person that she is, thought I was being paranoid and that we were fine.
turns out we were fine, but it could have gone either way.

Still I feel badly for the people who had to face that Mama bear yesterday.
There has to be easier less painful ways to die, than being mauled to death by a grizzly bear.
But according to the movie “Legends of the Fall”, dying by bear, is a good death.
Not that it helped that poor man yesterday

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