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It is Monday morning again, and it is five till six, and I need to find some energy some where to begin my day.
Would love to go back home and crawl into bed.
Unfortunately that isn’t an option so I must find some energy to make it through this ten-hour day.

the storms last night were the main reason I kept waking up.
Lightening was magnificent and the thunder boomed loud enough to rattle my windows in the house.
Plus we had to shut windows because the wind was so hard and that made for a stuffy night sleeping.

hopefully tonight will be better since it is supposedΒ to be in the fifties and the rain is supposed to be gone for most of the week, after today.
Happy Monday!

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My daughter and grandson   Leave a comment

my little man and his mama had pictures taken last week simply because he turned one and his mama wanted to document the event.
His father, sadly, didn’t want to be included in the pictures because he hates getting his picture taken.
Which is too bad because they aren’t a family without him.
But Emily and Aaron make a good-looking couple all by themselves.

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The King’s Speech   Leave a comment

My husband and I just finished watching “The King’s Speech”
I have hesitated for weeks to watch it because I thought it might be dull and boring.
But alas I was wrong once again.
It was quite entertaining and funny in parts.
And it gave us a look a little bit into the lives of the royals in England.
Still it was back in the mid 1930’s and the way of life then was rather cool

I recommend the movie.
Definitely a good one!

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haircut/Emily   Leave a comment

so after several months on debating about it, I went and got my hair cut.
It is quite a bit shorter and looks so much healthier I wonder why I hesitate like I do?
Silly me

I also got to spend most of an hour with my youngest child.
Always a good time to just listen to her and share laughing with her.
She is and always will be my angel.
I love her dearly.
I do think I treasure her more because her sister refuses to have anything to do with me.
So it makes Emily that much more precious.
I love Paula dearly, please don’t think I don’t
I would love nothing more than to take her in my arms and hold her tightly and tell her how very much I love her.
but she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me, so therefore I have nothing to do with her.

And Emily benefits from that estrangement.

Life can be complicated and I know for Paula’s sake I give her what she wants.
but it is painful
I love her dearly and pray for her every single day of my life.

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waiting   Leave a comment

so we are sitting here waiting for our youngest daughter to get around so that we can go to the city and have breakfast and do the building check and a shop.

I hate waiting.
Never have been very good at it.

But on the other hand I was laying in bed thinking, I better get up and get ready because I don’t want anyone to have to wait on me.
So therefore I am the one doing the waiting now.

on a different note, the bank wouldn’t loan us the money for the garage, so we are going to do our best to save the money and try to get at least part of it done before winter.
That means no vacation for me in September.

Happy Weekend ALL!

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hello world   Leave a comment

Good morning, hello world, the sun is shining I am feeling quite happy to be starting my three-day weekend and all is good in my life.

yes it would be great to be thinner and richer but those are just things not necessarily things I need to be happy.
Wants mostly as most everything is.

Yesterday I had the writing bug and it was wonderful
Today it is gone again.
Which is disappointing.

it is a bit cool out and I have the windows open thinking, okay burr……but they say it will get to 75 today so….as soon as the sun gets higher in the sky it will be fine.

So hope everyone in the world has as good of a day as I am having.

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silly me   Leave a comment

I stayed up till after eleven last night, doing of all things, some early Christmas shopping online.

but at the time it was fun.

I doubt I fell asleep any time before eleven thirty and was up at four to use the restroom and then lay there, feeling quite sure that I would sleep through the alarm clock, so I got up at four twenty, took my bath and here I am.
At work with no ambition what so ever to do anything.
however I’m sure that will change once I get moving.

so while I am tired, the bright side of today is, it is my last work day of the week.
Tomorrow starts my three-day weekend.
And Lord knows, I love them.

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