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     often I let a picture dictate what I am going to write about in a blog

  I guess this one is going to be about my favorite state in the good old USA

                I want to go back, I can hardly wait to go back

or maybe I should go back out to Washington State.
it is beautiful out there as well
The above picture is of Mount St. Helen’s

  but you know, the beach  calls to me as well, even though I was just there two and a half months ago.

But Utah calls me the most……..


 and soon, very soon I am going to have to head that way again.


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I must complain for one moment   Leave a comment

Mother Nature hasn’t been too kind to us here in Iowa of late.
She has it sunny and nice on the work days and then raining and crappy on the weekends

Now the weatherman has said that it will be dry this weekend.
BUT……..and there is always that but…….it will be mostly cloudy every day (Friday through Sunday)
how depressing!
I miss the sun!!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day with partly sunny skies, but of course I was at work, and unable to enjoy the sunshine.
Today is mid sixties and rainy.
Tomorrow will be the same.

I know I should be thankful for dry weather on my three days off, but some abundant sunshine all three days would be appreciated!!!

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I don’t know where I found this picture.
but as I look at it I wonder, where it is at?
New Mexico?

And then I wonder how often someone has been at this place and seen this  and thought, “how unique, I must have a picture of it!”
check out the cloudless, incredibly blue sky!
it definitely looks like the place to be.

I can only imagine if one should sit there by that tree, they would be looking at miles of rock formations and sighing and thinking…..God sure did make us a beautiful place to live.








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so…………maybe not………   Leave a comment

my sister-in-law says it stays hot in Arizona until November, so maybe I won’t be heading West this September.
I dislike heat intensely and I have no desire to go anywhere that is hotter than Iowa will be in September.
Maybe I will just stay home and enjoy the time off of work.
Although for some reason that just seems wrong.
To take vacation time and just stay home.

I would love to go to Maine and drive the East coast along the ocean but I doubt my husband will go for that.
Of course I don’t necessarily have to take him………but……

something to think about.

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