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Arizona in September   Leave a comment

so I am still seriously thinking of going to Arizona and Utah in September

I checked the weather yesterday there, and the hottest it has ever gotten in September in Arizona is 99 degrees.

Just a tad bit too warm for my tastes.
Knock twenty degrees off of that and I would be happy.
25 degrees would even be better.

Not sure who I will go with.
If my husband doesn’t want to go I suppose I can ask my eldest sister because she isn’t working.
but now that I think of it, Cyndi isn’t working either right now.
Kathy works, Wanda works……

maybe I will ask my daughter to go?
Doubt if she would or even leave her son, so I doubt I will ask her.
Maybe Brian my eldest son will go with me?

I could go alone, but after seeing the movie 127 hours a few weeks ago, I think it is unwise to go anywhere all by oneself.

Or maybe I am just a chicken?

Still if anyone out there has ever been to Utah or Arizona in September, let me know how the weather was, if you please


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too tired to function   Leave a comment

damn I am tired.
There are just too many things going on in my life and I never feel like I have down time.

Take yesterday for instance

I get up, come to work and work my ten-hour day.
I go home, jump in the shower and sit down for a quick supper.
Then I head to Wilton to watch my grand-daughter play t-ball, where I get bit about fifty times from mosquitoes.

Drive back home, sit down for a few minutes to check email and Face Book and then I get back up to do the dishes from supper

I go upstairs and get my clothes ready for work today, go back downstairs and flip through the channels on the TV for about a half hour and then it is bed time.

And now my day has started again and so far it will be a complete replica of yesterday.
UNLESS, it rains  (Please Lord let it rain and cancel T-Ball games)

If it doesn’t rain I will go to the game because my grandchildren love to see me there so I will go for them.

But oh my God, am I tired.

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