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today was my first official day off from working my 4- ten hour days
And I chose to spend it watching my two darling grand daughters.

We didn’t get them until nine thirty last night due to a lot of running around we did after I got home from work yesterday
Kayla, my darling, incredibly ornery two year old grand daughter was still awake at eleven thirty last night.
I finally rolled over at eleven thirty and went to sleep so I can’t say for sure when she actually closed her eyes and went to sleep

I was awake by six so I didn’t have a good nights sleep at all.

So today I am rather tired and I suppose cranky.

We have swam, and the girls jumped on the trampoline several times, they swung and we watched  a movie as well.

I tried to give them a nap but they weren’t cooperating with me.

Now at four pm, Kayla just fell asleep sitting here on the couch.
I tried to get her to lay down in my bed at three forty-five but all she did was cried so I let her get up again.
Now she is sleeping.

Keira never did nap and she is out playing in the yard with Mirielle

Love my grandchildren so very much and I treasure them just as much.
But there is something to be said for a good nights sleep as well.

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