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I have a lot of birthdays to buy for in the next  8 to 10 weeks.
My grand-daughter Keira’s birthday is Monday but we will be having the party on Sunday

she will be 5

It is also father’s day that day, so I should probably buy my husband something for that?

my brother in law’s birthday was June 4th and my husband and I are going to take him and his wife out for dinner in the next night or two.

He just turned 56

My sister is turning 62 on July 6th
My sister-in-law will be turning 50 on July 18th

My niece will be turning 50 on July 15th

a friend of mine also will be having a birthday on July 15th

My husband’s birthday is July 25th and we will be going out on our annual boat trip at the reservoir

and then my sister’s birthday is August 1st and she will be 66

and then my daughter in law’s birthday will be August 16th

My nephew will be turning 32 in July as well

and then thankfully there will not be any more birthday’s to celebrate until my grand daughters in November, and my baby sister’s too

Have I forgotten anyone?

goodness……all I can see are dollar signs flashing before my eyes.
Guess I best get to shopping.

Posted June 15, 2011 by Marge in family, ramblings

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