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in the past month we have met up accidentally with some friends that we use to hang out with occasionally.

Both times were in Wilton when we were attending some kind of function for my soon to be five-year old grand-daughter.

they said to us the first time, “We should go out to dinner some time”  and we agreed.
Then the woman said to me again last night “We should get together some time”
And I agreed again.
it would be fun.
Enjoyable and I am sure we will do it.
But I almost felt like I was being forced last night when she said “We really should get together some time”
Okay, I agree but please don’t force the issue because to me that is just a turn off.
I don’t want my time demanded like that.
Does this make sense?
my down time, what little I get, it quite precious to me.
I am not the kind of person who needs to have every minute of every day filled with something to do.

quiet time, me time, is very rare and I don’t want anyone infringing on that.

But some day when we do get together with them, it will be enjoyable.

Posted June 15, 2011 by Marge in ramblings

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