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the woes of motherhood   Leave a comment

it is painful, literally painful to see one of my children unhappy.
I want to hold them close and cuddle with them and assure them everything is alright.

I want to keep them from making the same dumb mistakes I made.
I want to shelter them and make them do what I know they should do.

I am a mother.
Not always the best one out there but I only wish my children great health and happiness and a life that is carefree and wonderful for them.


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Stupid is as Stupid does   Leave a comment

To quote Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as Stupid does”  I have to laugh every time we hear about another man, doing something stupid, more often than not, in the sex department, and the scandal that follows.

Take for instance Bill Clinton and his little sex scandal while president, I bet when John Edwards story came out about his affair and fathering a child, I bet Bill was thinking “Oh Thank God that John Edwards did something stupid, it gets the heat off of me”

Or Tiger Woods, OR Arnold Schwarzenegger

Now we have the Congressman Weiner who of course did another stupid act.

When will men ever learn?
Don’t they realize if they are in the public eye, that sooner or later they are going to be exposed?

every time we hear about another stupid man doing something incredibly stupid, that usually has to do with his penis, I always think of the guy before him that was in the spotlight, just a few weeks earlier.
And I can’t help but think that guy is so thrilled that the attention is off of him.

Now when some other man does something incredibly stupid, AND WE ALL KNOW THERE WILL BE ANOTHER ONE SOONER OR LATER!      Congressman Weiner, can be happy that there was someone to follow and take the attention/heat off of him.

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